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Peanut Kernels Round Shape
2015-12-22 14:12:38


 Peanut Kernels(round type)

Brand: Eastfoods

Origin: Shandong, China

Specification:Moisture:8.5% Max,Admixture:0.4% Max,

Imperfect:4% Max,Aflatoxin:4-5ppb Max.

New Crop;

Hand select;

Round Type:


Our Services
  1. We can provide first-hand goods.

  2. We have professional teams, purchasing, processing, packing, sales, documents, logistics departments, to provide you the best quality, price and services.

Packaging & Shipping

 Package: packed in 25kgs vacuum bags, 12.5kgs x 2 vacuum bags/carton and other small packages.

Origin: Shandong, China


1. We can provide first-hand goods.

2. We have professional teams, purchasing, processing, packing, sales, documents, logistics departments, to provide you the best quality, price and services.

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